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+ Unique Marketing

Or how easy is to earn up to 150 thousand dollars... and more, without changing anything.

WITHOUT obligatory payments, experience and risks

Shorten the link

Enter any link you want to shorten:

For example: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KIuI123Lau17j6c
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What are short links?

For example, you have links like:

https://mtzok.com.ua/product/gidrocilindr-rul-upr-mtz-2-h-storonnego- dejstvija-cs-50-30-25-s-shrusami-shtok-ukraina/
https://www.mediawiki.org/w/index.php ?title=MediaWiki&action=info

By shortening them to GlobalWeb you will receive copies of these links, but in a convenient, short version that is easier to remember, transfer, write down, and also - a short link hides the final resource, which is important for people who use their referral links in any projects.

Shortened copies of these two links: https://7goo.top/kn0 и https://7goo.top/bbmGu

Agree that it is so much more convenient?

And besides that, you get detailed statistics of transitions, if necessary, you can change the final path and more!

You can shorten any links, for example, to videos on Youtube, Tiktok, Instagram, any site, product, pictures, etc.

Note: These two links work in demo mode and do not remember their owner's login when clicking on them.

Why $150,000?

This is the average, and often the maximum, amount that most people in many countries earn IN THEIR ENTIRE LIFE.

We have implemented a way, in which today (and always) all financially successful people in the World earn money, namely, through collective efforts (=Networks), which allows us to accelerate earnings processes tens, hundreds, thousands or more times.

Just remember any very successful person and he will DEFINITELY earn money from work OR NOT WORK, but simply from the presence of other people.

GlobalWeb provides all people with exactly the same mechanism used by all successful people, but adjusted for simplicity, mass character and accessibility.

What have we done?

We just took the Actual "link reduction" service, which is used by many people, including ALL top millionaire bloggers (read "Facts") and added "word of mouth", in the form of a Hybrid system and unique marketing capable of total structuring.

Now what you always do and do for free can start bringing you a Fee, just as composers, writers, musicians, authors and many other categories of people get it.

Short links + Promotion system + Global structuring

If you already use various short link services - you get only the short links themselves, statistics, etc.

By abbreviating your links through GlobalWeb - you get everything the same + ability to create your own Online business without automatically doing anything new for this.

TWO ways to participate

1) Passive - silent participation with your own links, but abbreviated
2) Active - by invitation to GlobalWeb via your referral link

From 0$ per year

You can shorten up to 5 links for free.
If you don't need or DO NOT NEED the project's marketing opportunities yet - use short links for free. The eight-level system will work for you and your people (and their people) on the free plan as well.

Unique Marketing

Endless Binary Marketing + 8-level structuring system.
Fully automated, hybrid, simple and intuitive system that includes overflows, spillover and more.

Mathematical formula Exponentiation

(at school)
Passive participation Active participation
What you will get with your links shorten in GlobalWeb.
How many people will follow your links?
How many Percentage of them do you think will want to shorten their links by getting to this site? %[1 чел.]
How many people do you expect to register from them?
In your opinion, how many Percentages of the total number of people will need a paid plan?
What do you get with an invitation to GlobalWeb.
How many people will you invite?
How many people do you think they will invite? 1
How many percent of them will want full features?

How does it work?

When you use abbreviated links - some of your visitors are interested in the fact that the link they clicked on redirected them to another address, for example, Youtube videos, Instagram post, product, your referral link, etc.

They delete data from your short link after the slash (/) and go to the main site of the short link service, reducing their links.

Part of their visitors are already doing the same thing that creates a condition for Geometric Progression and the emergence of new customers in a Multi-level but invisible stream.

Thus, third-party services develop, using you and your information for their development and income, which sometimes amount to hundreds of millions of dollars. Example

Difference between GlobalWeb short link service in the fourth point.

The GlobalWeb system remembers all visitors to your short links and when they delete data after the slash (/), i.e. the desire to shorten its links, sends registrations to your Network.

Your earnings within GlobalWeb (because there are still earnings FROM OUTSIDE, from advertisers.) are taken depending on how many people need paid functions of the service and with each purchase you get instant payments of partner rewards from the first (if you have a free plan), from the first to the eighth + Points from an infinite level on the Binary system, which, with a symmetric accumulating them from 90 or 900 - are automatically transferred to checks ($) and instantly displayed on your details.

With each payment, $13 out of 17 is paid to an eight-level network. From the first level to $3. From the second to the seventh - $1 and $4 from level 8.

All payments are made instantly and immediately to your details.


Did you know that ALL top bloggers, dollar millionaires, use, among other things, short links, simply because it's convenient.

Now imagine that if they or even one of them (or any other, much less known) learns about the GlobalWeb short link service from you or any person at any level of your network and starts shortening links through GlobalWeb.

It won't cost them anything to switch to the GlobalWeb short link service, because it's logical, understandable and profitable.

What do you think will happen to your income and your GlobalWeb Network development after that?

Unplowed field of possibilities

You have millions of people and millions of opportunities at your disposal!

Go to any social media network, for example, Youtube.

Open any video and see description.

In the description of the videos, you will see either direct links to various other resources of the channel authors, links to their social networks, donations, other videos, etc., or shortened links from various short link services, which, as you understand, does not carry any meaning other than the fact of contraction.

Recommend the GlobalWeb service to video authors by passing them your referral link.

By doing this, you will do a useful thing by sharing information with them that will help them conveniently use links + get conversion statistics, graphics and earn more without changing anything for themselves.

In return you will get the development of your network and very likely earnings, based on the mathematical formula above.

Are millions of possibilities not enough? Go to Tiktok, Facebook, Instagram, VK etc... and do the same.

The market is READY, but completely empty, without competitors! Don't miss it, Take advantage of it!

Why GlobalWeb?

GlobalWeb provides existing and relevant tools, but with unique advantages.

Possibility of completely free use.

AT LEAST - you will just use your short links as in a regular service, FREE, NOTHING will earn and NOTHING will be lost, and as a maximum - see formula above. But even just using free short links from GlobalWeb - it will not be easy for you to avoid the development of your network of people and the likely earnings. To do this, you need to try hard and not use them at all or use them very rarely.

NO advertising in short links.

Short links GlobalWeb indexed by search engines AS SEPARATE (not original) pages, which will lead to you more visitors both to your personal resources and to your network GlobalWeb.

Nothing in your life, just using abbreviated links in any of your business or in everyday life - you can automatically create a business that brings passive income.

Total lack of risks and absolute marketing logic is the key to your success and the success of your partners.

Our goal is to Globally structure the people of the Planet and with the help of GlobalWeb tools, as you already understand, to do it to anyone.

Create your own success story! Don't wait for your friends to advise you GlobalWeb. Use the capabilities of GlobalWeb first!

Existing ways VS the GlobalWeb way:
a) By using various short link services, you automatically and imperceptibly promote these services. Example
b) Using short links from GlobalWeb - you automatically and imperceptibly for yourself promote yourself.


It's free?

Yes, if you have no more than 5 links and you are not interested or are not interested in earning from the GlobalWeb Affiliate program. further than from the first level - you can use the GlobalWeb is free.
The structuring of people into your 8-level network (except for the binary network) will occur even with free participation, but you can only receive income before your payment from the first level, that is, from "personally invited", namely, people who signed up from your short link or direct referral link for invitations.

What should be done, specifically?

Just don't share normal links to anything with other people, and shorten them into GlobalWeb before publishing them anywhere, send or forward to Whatsapp, Viber, Telegram, Skype, etc.
Take this as a rule, at least until you have a sufficient network of people.
The rule of quantity, not quality, works here and the more people clicked on your shortened links, the greater the percentage of them will be interested in the fact of shortening links, and by becoming interested in it, they will go to this site and register in your network to your username.

Or just invite people using your referral link.
Share information about GlobalWeb with people, bloggers or partners.

Even one single person, and even if he will not be a blogger and will not understand what it is about at all ... if he simply passes his referral link to another person who will also not understand anything, but will also transmit to another ... and so on TO INFINITY, and if somewhere deep in the Web, of which you are in fact the Founder - there is an interested person - he may be enough for you to create the whole business, receiving passive income from the turnover inside networks, as well as from advertisers (see above).

Marketing GlobalWeb - this is not what you are used to seeing or what you have heard about.
Analogs to GlobalWeb no.

Marketing GlobalWeb is TOTAL and logical structuring. In fact, this is Marketing by nature.

I have never used short links and do not understand what they are.

Start using them. Whatever you do - do not write direct links to resources, because this will not give you anything additional. Before sharing the link - shorten it in GlobalWeb and share or post on social media, status, etc.

How does it work in simple terms?

Exactly as the owner of any store, having received income, then - distributes it between the cashiers and other employees of the store - the GlobalWeb System also works, distributing exclusively the funds received.
If there are no payments in your network, we do not receive money, and accordingly you do not receive money either.

Marketing GlobalWeb can be called "marketing by nature". Exactly according to the same scheme, all economic processes in the world take place, as well as the promotion of any social and media network, and not only.

Various banks, shops and major services offer you to bring a friend and get a bonus.

Marketing GlobalWeb offers the same thing, but in a modern and fair way.

Does the renewal of purchases for the next year bring the same rewards?

Yes, and in the same amount.

If I don't renew my paid plan for the next year, will my short links stop working?

No. All of your short links will work. If the tariff is not renewed, your account status will go to "Free".

Give examples of using short links.

There are a lot of examples. All or almost all people use the links.
Use short links GlobalWeb in the description of the video, in the status of your social network, in posts on the social network, in correspondence via instant messengers, etc.
Shorten your referral links or shorten the short links of other resources if you use them.
The more often you use short links from GlobalWeb - the more chances you have of creating the Network and making money from it.

About us

1998 >> First acquaintance with the Internet

2005 >> Starting an Internet Business

2007 - 2010 >> Participation and entry into the top 20 in the largest marketing Internet project

12-08-2010 - 28-09-2013 >> Developed a project that provides an opportunity to earn money for people (28-09-2013 rebranding into the aggregator & darr;)

28-09-2013 - Until now >> Developed a service for accepting payments and an aggregator of affiliate programs (after rebranding & uarr;) active

01-01-2022 - Until now >> Developed a service of short links and Global Structuring active

From the author:
One day, back in 2007, I fell into amazing financial things that amazed me every day and year, using the Marketing opportunities of the Internet.
Having entered the TOP-20 out of ~ 1 million people, for myself I called these opportunities - "Business for romantics" (conditionally) ... now I will explain why.
In the modern World, it is almost impossible to meet a really financially successful person, good, kind, responsive, who would have his own mega-yacht, ride a Maserati, Bugatti and own an oil or other very large company.
There are simply no such people (or their unit). The road to big business is practically closed to all people without certain qualities.
In those distant years, I realized that the Internet and Internet marketing is a colossal tool. Anyone who has big Dreams and an understanding that life is not endless can achieve what he would never have received even in a thousand years.
Eliminating all the disadvantages in any existing marketing (there are not many of them, but they are KEY and hidden for everyone ... or almost everyone), thanks to all the experience and along the way, I came up with and developed a system by removing from it is all superfluous, which prevents people from to achieve success.

GlobalWeb - it is IN A PURE FORM a massive and relevant tool + Marketing IN A PURE FORM, that is - as it is in life. With this link, anyone without any special skills can create amazing success stories.
GlobalWeb - This is an "Ingredient", adding which, you get a completely different product, like, for example, adding a spoonful of sugar to a cup of tea.

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About bonus points GlobalWeb and not only

For each payment of the $ 17 tariff, our personal income is $ 4. The remaining $ 13 is instantly distributed between eight people in the proportion: $ 3 for the first level, $ 1 for people from the second to the seventh level, and $ 4 for a person at the 8th level, relative to a particular person who paid.

However, marketing GlobalWeb is not limited to the distribution of funds received in an 8-level relationship.

System GlobalWeb structures each purchase, including the Infinite Binary System, fixing each person in a specific cell, based on the time of his payment, his sponsor, the active side of the sponsor's development and the last person whose cell is in this side below the others.

If the sponsor uses the GlobalWeb - the paying participant will be determined in the general direction (branch) of the network development. If the sponsor buys the tariff later than the people he invited, he will be in the binary network BELOW his own referrals + all his future referrals, including his future referrals in the "own binary side" who bought a paid tariff, will be assigned to your Binary net.

From each of our income, we add points to the binary system, in the amount of 1 point for each 1 dollar we earn.
Accordingly, for each purchase of a paid plan, we add 4 points to the binary network by spillover, including the participant who paid or extended the payment for the next year.
Points by themselves are not money until they have accumulated SYMMETRICALLY from 90 (for example: 30 to 60 or 45 to 45) or from 900 (for example: 300 to 600 or 450 to 450).
Symmetrical accumulation of points is possible only on condition that at least 1 person has registered with you in the personal branch of the binary network, from which, then, the network continued to deepen further.
For every 90 points, the system gives you $ 8, which is called a Minicheck. For every 900 points, the system gives you $ 100, which is called a Check.
In your math calculation, you will receive bonus points. If you accumulate them symmetrically, you will, in addition to your income from the 8-level network, earn $ 100 checks or Mini-checks for $ 8, which will add up to + $ or $ respectively.
All checks are displayed automatically, just like income from lvl 8. systems, but once a day at 6:00 Moscow time. time.


The system GlobalWeb, By default, includes, among other things, a promotion system.

By creating a network of people in GlobalWeb - you can monetize it in much the same way as YouTube bloggers, for example, monetize subscribers.

Naked mathematics

How much do you earn per month?
How many more years do you plan to work?
Presentation GlobalWeb